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I swear until my time is up, my style is sex in the shower, fresh as fuck
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So this awesome shit is happening. Congratz mama… (at The Office)

It’s amazing what a filter to do. (at The Office)

places on earth sometimes forces you the to desire to leave earth.. 

we’ve grown to say FML and i cant wait til I get older… rushing past the heaven sent opportunities pre-provided, everything you’ll ever want or need has already been created or held for you. Are you willing to go there and go get it is the question though.

We’ve become accustomed to life so fast paced, that they even call us the microwave generation. Popcorn ideas overnight turning into million dollar assholes. I wish we could see it better… We blame society but we are society by definition. So either go there go get it, of shut the hell up and sit there. Get your degree, work for them. Who is them, them is you, ALL of you…normals. looking like the next person in the office space with you. 

US.. we aren’t normals but we still are society …by definition, you know, “we the ppl” the preamble .. still haven’t received much that we were promised.. You kno, “forde akurs and a mule”… 

If you read from the beginning, i stated it was already created, given or held for you… If somethings yours, and you “need” it, don’t you get yo lazy ass up an go get it? or do you only get it up when your phone is ringing?

The mind has a lot of places, got there. and use it

All black winters

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black and white arts

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PHOTOS and pretty HOES

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